Our Digital Repository

Our digital collection includes over 100,000 documents and images for you to search and browse through. These documents include:

Photographs and Images: Scans of period photographs of battlefields, camps, daily life, and more as well as studio portraits. Each photograph is tagged with the individuals present as well as all military gear and uniforms appearing in the photo.

Letters (and Diaries): Read thousands of fully transcribed letters and diaries written by soldiers and civilians on both sides of the Civil War.

Quartermaster and Ordnance Specifications: Browse the official specifications for hundreds of items and weapons based on the 1862 US Ordnance Manual and the 1865 US Quartermaster’s Manual.

US Ordnance Returns: Search or browse the US Ordnance Returns covering the period of the Civil War.

We are also expanding our database by partnering with local state and federal archives to digitize them and provide access to those who would not normally be able to visit these archives in person.

If you are interested in having your collection digitized, please contact the Research Arsenal by clicking on the Contact us (link) tab.